Caring for the earth, making the land of China full of greenery 2024-06-17

In the era of rapid development of technology and industry, people enjoy the convenience brought by technology, but at the same time suffer from the environmental problems that the industrial age must bear. For this reason, on April 22 every year, a festival dedicated to the protection of the world-The World Earth Day (The World Earth Day) arrives.

This year, Earth Day celebrates its 50th birthday.

It has been half a century since Earth Day, and this year's theme is particularly important. The most serious problem facing today is climate change, so the theme of this year's Earth Day is "Climate Action." The launch of Earth Day aims to arouse the awareness of human beings to care for the earth and protect their homes, promote the coordinated development of resource development and environmental protection, and improve the overall environment of the earth.

  1. 1. leader of green building materials, China has always put the green business philosophy of technological innovation and sustainable development as the top priority of enterprise development. Create an energy-saving and environmentally friendly living environment for mankind with excellent quality and high-quality services, and contribute to the development of world environmental protection by delivering environmental protection concepts and effective green actions.

  2. 1. China Energy Conservation Technology continues to advocate the development of green buildings, protect the blue water and blue sky, and build beautiful homes. The extensive application of "Lvdu" rubber and plastics and "Hausenville" glass wool products can better save energy, protect the environment and reduce pollution, and provide people with healthy, comfortable, low-carbon and efficient living, working and living spaces.

We call

Shenzhou Energy Saving Technologyand You

To be a green messenger to protect the earth and practice a low-carbon life.  

Together, I wish the earth you a healthy and longevity, with clear water and green mountains.