On November 20th, hosted by the China Installation Association BIM Application a 2024-07-25

On November 20th, hosted by the China Installation Association BIM Application and Smart Construction Branch (hereinafter referred to as the BIM Branch) and undertaken by the China Energy Conservation Technology Group Co., Ltd., the 2020 installation industry BIM technology application achievement evaluation meeting was successful in the Art Hall of the Hebei Headquarters of the Shenzhou Group Convened. Shenzhou Group General Manager Gao Tieyan, Deputy County Mayor Chen Guijie of the People's Government of Dacheng County, China Installation Association Deputy Secretary-General and Director of Science and Technology Promotion Department Tang Zhongchi, BIM Branch Executive Deputy Secretary-General Wang Min, and Science and Industry Bureau Party Secretary Yu Jianqiang attended the meeting , 21 installation industry BIM technical talents and experts from national outstanding construction units, design institutes, software service manufacturers and other units attended the meeting. Ji Huawei, Deputy Secretary-General of the Association and Deputy Secretary-General of the BIM Branch presided over the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Gao Tieyan, general manager of Shenzhou Group, expressed a warm welcome to the participants. He pointed out that BIM technology and informatization have become the cornerstone of smart construction, lean management and green installation in the industry. The development of modernization plays a positive role in promoting. This is different from our company's sustainable development philosophy. Shenzhou takes "creating an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly living environment for mankind with excellent quality and high-quality service" as its mission, always adheres to technological innovation, actively practices green and energy-saving product intelligent manufacturing, and has made positive contributions to the high-quality development of industry products .

On behalf of the Dacheng County Party Committee and the county government, Chen Guijie, the deputy magistrate of Dacheng County, also extended a warm welcome to the guests, and introduced the cultural origins, historical evolution and development of Dacheng County to the participants, as well as the thermal insulation led by Shenzhou Group The material industry is currently the leading industry in Dacheng County. I also hope that the experts will leave their valuable experience and opinions to promote the Dacheng insulation and energy saving materials industry to a new level.

Wang Min announced the composition of the 7 expert groups and the grouping of their results, and emphasized the discipline of expert review and related matters. He requires experts to be strict in work discipline, and conduct results evaluation in a fair, just and scientific manner.

Tang Zhongchi fully affirmed the achievements of the BIM branch in promoting the development of BIM technology application in the installation industry, and proposed that the BIM branch should innovate working methods and methods, cultivate industry BIM technology application talents, and promote the overall level of BIM technology application in the installation industry Promote.

After a day of review, the preliminary evaluation experts conducted professional review, scoring, and writing group review opinions on the works of this group based on the principles of fairness, justice and science, and finally formed a unified opinion of the preliminary evaluation experts

After the review, the expert group under the leadership of the staff visited and exchanged views in various factories, inspection laboratories and R&D centers of the Hebei headquarters of Shenzhou Group. Experts also expressed their admiration for the scale and management of the Shenzhou plant. The staff introduced in detail the industry's cutting-edge products such as the fully automatic and precise synthesis self-inspection assembly line equipment and the city's sub-center project (healthy low element sulfur rubber sponge) and other industry-leading products, which were highly praised by the participants.

The application of BIM technology in construction projects will help promote the industrialization of new buildings. Shenzhou Group will also continue to improve the level of technological innovation, keep improving product production and quality, reduce costs, improve quality and increase efficiency, provide users with the safest and greenest energy-saving products with a high sense of social responsibility, and contribute to the sustainable, healthy and high-quality development of the construction industry. Own power.