Gathering momentum to win the future丨Shenzhou Energy Conservation Technology use 2024-07-25

Consumer Rights Day" (World Consumer Rights Day) is to expand consumer rights protection publicity, promote cooperation and exchanges between consumer organizations in various countries and regions, and better protect consumer rights. At the annual 315, many people have experienced false sales and consumption pits. For consumers, consumption is power, benefit, and even more enjoyment. China Group specializes in energy-saving and thermal insulation for 40 years and has achieved industry leadership. It always pays attention to customer needs and focuses on improving service quality. It is committed to excellent products and high-quality services to create energy-saving and safe thermal insulation solutions and long-term value for global customers. The joint choice of tens of thousands of engineering projects and Fortune 500 companies, customers in nearly 50 countries around the world.

With the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, from June 21, 2019, the name of our company has been changed from "Hebei Shenzhou Thermal Insulation Building Materials Group Co., Ltd." to "Shenzhou Energy Conservation Technology Group Co., Ltd." After the company is renamed, the legal person of the company remains unchanged. The original business scope remains unchanged, and the address and personnel contact information remain unchanged. China Group reminds everyone to pay attention to identification.

In 2020, China Energy Conservation Technology Group will severely crack down on behaviors that violate consumer rights and create a safer and more assured consumer environment:

1. Improve the quality of branded products and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

Improve the company's standardization system and strictly implement it; raw materials can be put into storage and used after inspection and meet the company's standards; semi-finished products are strictly checked; finished products are subject to first article inspection, process inspection, warehouse random inspection, and factory inspection. The laboratory of the Group Technology Center regularly conducts sampling type inspections on various products and inspects the performance of all items in the national standard; the national authority supervision department comes to the factory to conduct sampling type inspections on products every year. Ensure product quality and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of sellers.

2.Protect the rights and interests of consumers and fulfill the obligations of operators

The company has a complete after-sales service system. In case of quality problems, it can communicate with customer service personnel in a timely manner. The quality department will give a satisfactory answer within 3 to 5 working days after verification; you can also directly dial 400 for rights protection.

3.Consumer rights protection, creating a fair consumption environment

Strengthen market supervision, avoid malicious competition among speculators, and create a fair consumption environment. Promote the healthy development of the market economy, protect the healthy growth of dealers, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers from infringement, create a fair, just, and honest consumption environment, and create a safe, healthy, sunny, and honest consumption environment for consumers.