Focus on Chongqing Shenzhou at China Refrigeration Expo 2020 2024-02-25

On August 19-21, 020, the 31st China International Refrigeration Exhibition was held in Chongqing International Expo Center. The theme of this year's Refrigeration Exhibition is "Seek Progress in Stability, Overcome Hardships Together, Lead by Quality, and Innovative Development". It will continue to devote itself to building an international, diversified and professional comprehensive exchange and display platform to gather together with industry colleagues in Chongqing. To seek industrial development together, to boost morale, and attract many partners.

As a pioneer in energy conservation and environmental protection, China will bring sales elites and high-quality products to the exhibition (Booth N5D17), bringing many new technology products and thermal insulation and energy-saving solutions to the Chinese building insulation and energy conservation and environmental protection market, attracting many industry elites awesome.

专研40年  工匠精神

Specializing in thermal insulation and energy saving for 40 years, leading the industry, Shenzhou Group is committed to "creating an energy-saving and environmentally friendly living environment for mankind with excellent quality and high-quality service". After 40 years of exploration and tempering, it has continuously increased R&D and innovation investment. Everyone presented a variety of thermal insulation products in different application fields, and attracted many well-known industry insiders, experts and scholars as well as our old friends. The booth was crowded with praise.

体验感知  神州产品

Simple and majestic booth, professional team's explanation, enthusiastic and meticulous answers to every customer's questions, Shenzhou products perfectly interpret the excellent performance of thermal insulation and energy-saving materials with their professional brand image, and have been highly praised by new and old friends at home and abroad. Evaluation and recognition have laid a solid foundation for the long-term cooperation in the later period, allowing customers to experience the perception first-hand and trust our brand power.

质量引领  神州速度

Under the guidance of the five-specialization spirit of "speciality, patents, professions, experts and expertise", Shenzhou Group has continuously increased investment in R&D and innovation, and its products have passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. . Won the honors of "High-quality Products in Hebei Province", "Famous Brand Products in Hebei Province", and "Three-star Green Building Materials", and obtained US FM certification, EU CE certification, RoHS certification, South Korea KS certification, China CQC certification, and ten ring certification. Pass the British BS476: Part7:1997 test and the American ASTM E84 test. Won the use of flame-retardant product identification certificate, building material fire protection and environmental protection label use certificate, product quality leader certificate, product quality tracking certificate, national heat preservation and refractory material qualification certificate, etc.

With the vision of global development, the company explores the world's thermal insulation market and strives to create a more comfortable energy-saving and environmentally friendly space for mankind. Following the completion and commissioning of the four production bases in Hebei, Anhui, Jiangxi, and Guangdong, the Shenzhou Group takes the four production bases in the north, east, central and south as the axis, forming a production capacity layout that vertically penetrates the eastern coast and radiates horizontally to the western region. Comprehensively accelerate the group's supply and service response to domestic and foreign customers. It can provide high-quality products and services within a radius of 500 kilometers in various regions in China, which has created China's own brand.

                        始于客户需求 终于客户满意

Shenzhou Group adheres to the strategic thinking of safety, rationality and sustainable development, benefits the people with high-quality products, serves the society, uses more energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials,treats nature well, and benefits the common people. From manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing,Shenzhou Group is becoming an adiabatic , The most trusted world brand in the field of energy saving andmute.