Good news l Shenzhou won the "Intellectual Property Management System Certificat 2023-05-30

Recently, Shenzho Energy Saving Technology Group successfully passed the GB/T29490-2013 intellectual property management system certification, and received the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification" issued by China Standard (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd., certificate number: 181201P0991ROM. This means that the intellectual property management system of Shenzhou Group has been recognized by the national professional certification body and has become the first enterprise in the industry to pass the certification of intellectual property standards.

The national standard of "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations" was formulated by the State Intellectual Property Office, approved and promulgated by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration, and was implemented on March 1, 2013. It is the first enterprise intellectual property management country in my country standard.

As a national high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, Shenzhou Group has always attached great importance to the management of intellectual property rights such as patented technology, software works, trademarks, and so on. Up to now, it has the production formula, equipment and technology of insulation and energy saving products. With 36 patents, it has been assessed as a national high-tech enterprise, a national AAAA-level good standardization enterprise, Hebei Enterprise Technology Center, Hebei Rubber and Plastic Thermal Insulation Material Technology Innovation Center, and Hebei Rubber and Plastic Thermal Insulation Material Research Center.

Shenzhou Group has its own R&D and testing base-Shenzhou Innovation Industrial Park. It is also a demonstration base for school-enterprise cooperation of "Qingdao University of Science and Technology" and a demonstration base for graduate students jointly built by "Northeast Forestry University".

The award of the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification" this time marks the Shenzhou Group's intellectual property rights in the research and development, production, and sales process of aluminum silicate products, rubber and plastic products, and glass wool products, and the intellectual property rights of mineral wool sound-absorbing panels and resin cotton products in the sales process The development of management system and service areas have reached the advanced level in the industry. And integrate with the original three systems (ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system) to form a 4M comprehensive management system, so that each management field complements each other's advantages and effectively improves the company's management efficiency.


With the mission of “creating an energy-saving and environmentally friendly living environment for mankind with excellent quality and high-quality service”, Shenzhou Group actively innovates, continuously increases investment in R&D and innovation with the spirit of craftsmanship, and keeps its feet on the ground. More excellent insulation and noise reduction products and solutions.

With the arrival of the knowledge economy, global economy, and information society in an all-round way, the competitive environment of enterprises has undergone drastic changes, and intellectual property has become a core element of market competitiveness. The successful passage of the national standard system certification of the "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations" not only affirmed the comprehensive strength of the Shenzhou Group, but also clarified the direction and laid a solid foundation for the future development of the Shenzhou Group. In the next step, Shenzhou Group will continue to innovate and forge ahead, work hard, gradually improve the intellectual property management system, strengthen the intellectual property strategic foundation of the enterprise, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, promote the further transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and jointly create a new chapter belonging to Shenzhou.